Azienda Agricola Puddu - Oliena

Azienda Agricola Fratelli Puddu s.s
Località Orbuddai, 08025 Oliena (NU – Italy)
Telephone +39 0784 288457 –
VAT 01290640919

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    Azienda Vitivinicola Fratelli Puddu – Oliena (NU), Località Orbuddai – Tel. +39 0784 288457

    Cannonau di Sardegna DOC – Nepente di Oliena

    Puddu winery history

    Our history

    A family, a land, a challenge

    A dream
    come true

    An agricultural company, even more if it is family-run, has intrinsically fallen into a social and environmental context, in a specific territory and permeated by a specific local culture. The products of the earth feed on ingredients that cannot be reproduced elsewhere in the same way. For these reasons, the company is the family’s priority, the center of gravity of their life. Family work is an inseparable alchemy of “gifts” and “exchanges” with one’s land.
    Since 1976, the year in which our father’s adventure and dream began, which, step by step, has come to the present day

    1st planting of the vineyards (30 ha) in Orbuddai by Giovanni Antonio Puddu "Nenneddu" and Luisa Goddi
    The sale is mainly aimed at the market of fresh grapes and bulk wines, due to the national crisis due to the methanol scandal.
    The first Nepente
    The first Nepente di Oliena Puddu is born, bottled.
    The first rosé wine of Oliena
    The 1st rosé wine is bottled (nobody in Oliena had yet created a rosé from Cannonau grapes). The name of the wine is Tiscali.
    The new generation
    The company passes to his sons Paolo, Salvatore, Nina and Francesco.
    The new plants
    A part of the vineyard is planted (about 20 ha) and the replanting is done using the scions of the 1st vineyard.
    Giugno 2007
    The mourning
    Salvatore, manager of the cellar, passes away.
    January 2008
    Another mourning
    Nenneddu also dies and the company is then managed by Paolo, Nina and Francesco.
    December 2008
    Pro Vois is born
    Pro Vois is bottled, the Nepente di Oliena reserve dedicated to Salvatore and Nenneddu, created entirely from the grapes of the 1st plant.
    The first award
    The Puddu Brothers win their 1st award with Pro Vois in the Binu event. From this moment, Pro Vois will become one of the most awarded Sardinian wines (nationally and internationally) and appreciated in the wine scene of the region.
    Baloi is born
    Baloi is born, 1st rosé sparkling wine from Cannonau grapes in purity.
    The new image
    The bottles change image and speak of the history of the territory of Oliena (Carros- Tiscali which turns red and Biriai.
    The organic
    The company obtains organic certification.
    Benvenuto Gioias
    Nasce Gioias, vino bianco da uve Cannonau.
    The 3 Glasses award
    The 2014 Pro Vois gets the 3 Gambero Rosso glasses. In the meantime, production has increased to 100,000 bottles.

    In the sign
    of Cannonau

    Many things have changed since the beginnings, but the passion and the spirit that keep us deeply rooted to our land.

    Our winery has become modern and functional , a place where tradition merges with technology. Our vineyards have grown over the years to reach 30 hectares and we have expanded the business investing into olive sector, planting 15 hectares of olive trees of the local varieties Nera di Oliena and Bosana .
    In our vineyards Cannonau rules over the other varieties, finding in the area of Oliena a perfect terroir that allows these grapes to flourish like nowhere else in Sardinia to the point that this spot has been classified as a subzone of DOC Cannonau di Sardegna, named Nepente di Oliena.