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    Baloi Sparkling Rosè Wine

    Spumante Brut Rosato


    Baloi is an elegant sparkling rosè wine obtained through Charmat method in order to preserve its varietal aromas and exalt its freshness and acidity.
    The bouquet reveals notes of rose, little red wildberries and bread crust. Fine and persistent it goes well with meat appetizers and slightly spicy cold cuts.



    Appellation: Spumante Brut Rosé.
    Type of wine: Sparkling wine Brut Rosé
    Varietal compositon: Local red berried grapes
    Vineyards: About 15 years old , spurred cordon system, organic growing
    Yield: 5.0-6.0 tons/ ha
    Terroir: Decomposed granite soil
    Harvest: Manual harvest in crates
    Vinification: The free-run must is left in contact with grapes skins for about 12 hours, then the sparkling process is started.
    Processing: The must is left in contact with the skins for about 12 hours , then clarified, poured and filtered.
    Later run into autoclaves with selected yeasts, sugars and mineral salts for a quick fermentation ( no longer than 15-20 days). The sparkling wine is then poured into another pressure tank trough filtration in hyperbaric environment and refrigerated at a very low temperature to facilitate the precipitation of tartaric acid. Another filtration is carried out at constant temperature in hyperbaric environment and in the same way the wine is finally bottled and corked.


    Appearance: Wonderful persistent ring of foam with fine and continuous perlage. Its brilliant light pink colour recalls the shades of the Rose de France amethyst
    Nose: On the nose are floral notes of rose, fruity notes of cherry with powdery notes and hints of bread crust
    Taste: Dry,fresh, rich in sapidity, good salinity. All these characteristics together with a light sugar residual, make it fine and elegant on the palate
    Alcoholic content: 12% Vol.
    Serving temperature: 6/8 °C.

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